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Our Classes


This class combines the best of two quiet practices. The first part of class focuses on the practice of Yin Yoga. After stimulating the energy rich connective tissues of the body, the practice transitions into the quiet, surrendered practice of Restorative Yoga.


Students will learn the basics of a led ashtanga vinyasa class which links breath, movement and gaze (drishti) points. This class is suitable for beginners and intermediate students. Modifiers will be offered. Get ready to work hard in this dynamic, sequenced class.


This class is great for students who want to experience potentially new poses in their practice. Emphasis is on play and expressing our beautiful spirit and light. It does not matter what level you are at, you are encouraged to just do what resonates with you and have a good time. 


A Vinyasa-style flow that incorporates core work and strength.  This class offers a beautiful balance of stillness and work that will get your heart pumping and your abs engaged.  We will fuse Yoga, Pilates, and Barre in a way that builds heat in your muscles.  It works to create strength, flexibility, and balance.


A slow, deep and mindful flow, moving into restorative postures during the last portion of class. Begins with pranayama (breathwork) and a gentle vinyasa flow, focusing on flexibility and physical alignment. Class then incorporates bolsters, blocks and blankets to restore the body to a state of harmony while creating peace of mind and a balanced and rejuvenated spirit.

Junior Yogi Workshops
Ages 9+

This class will teach teens a variety of yoga poses and styles to increase strength, balance and flexibility. It will also focus on breathwork, relaxation and meditation techniques to help develop concentration and calm minds. By encouraging emotional and physical wellness, teens will learn how to have a positive outlook on life and a strong sense of self-worth. They will walk out of class with tools to help discover who they truly are. This class includes a Flow plus Craft / Activity.

This is a 90 minute class.


An empowering flow class that has a stimulating pace. Get ready to break a sweat! Foundational yoga postures will be synced with upbeat music and movement to incorporate a little cardiovascular benefit and full-body strengthening to this class. Advanced postures and multiple variations are always offered making this class challenging, yet accessible for everyone. Each class is designed to empower and motivate your inner strength. All skill levels are welcome.


This dynamic flow class will stretch and strengthen your body, focus your mind and empower your spirit. Students are invited to explore and discover their edge through a transformative approach. Learn how to go with the flow and cultivate presence through synchronizing the breath with movement. Each class delivers a positive message designed to uplift and inspire your inner Light to radiate. Advanced postures and variations are always offered making this class challenging and yet accessible for everyone.


This class will guide students through a restorative meditation that will allow the mind and body to relax into a deep, full body relaxation or “yogic sleep.” It is great for healing the mind and body, bringing a feeling of rejuvenation to the student. Class will begin with gentle movements to help release tension, stiffness and connect body to breath. Guided imagery and sounds of ocean waves will be used to help students settle into stillness and be led through a meditation throughout the body, a practice of non-doing, just being. It is encouraged to use pillows, bolsters, blankets and any other props to get comfortable.



A gentle, slow-paced flow building strength, flexibility and balance. This class will focus on the fundamentals and proper alignment in basic poses. Students will also be introduced to linking the breath to movement. It is great for beginners or more experienced practitioners who want to create a stronger foundation to their practice. All skill levels are welcome.


This class balances the best of two practices. Using the wall to support the body, allowing it to go deeper into postures, to lengthen the muscles and the spine and strengthen your core. While stimulating the energy rich connective tissues of the body, the practice transitions through the quiet practice of Gentle Yoga to cultivate harmony.

Junior Yogi Workshops
Ages 4-9

This fun-filled class focuses on breath and movement in a playful setting. Children will be led through a simple flow while learning basic postures and poses. The positive energy and happiness will be flowing while the children also learn to understand space and body control. They will leave with a smile on their faces and a song in their hearts.

This is a  one hour class.

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