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Mellie began her yoga journey after the birth of her daughter. As a full-time new mom, yoga helped her work through severe postpartum depression and anxiety. She found a sense of peace and self-worth through the healing nature of the practice. She credits yoga for being the catalyst for major transformations in her mind, body, and consciousness.


Mellie strives to create a safe space where students can dive into their exploration of self-study. Blending playfulness and conscious movement, she encourages students to cultivate a powerful sense of presence, steadiness, and ease to take with them on and off the mat.


She is honored and humbled to share the wisdom of yoga with others. She has a steadfast belief in the healing power of yoga, and considers it a gift to share her passion for the practice. She has the deepest respect and reverence to her incredible teachers, students, family, and friends who continue to inspire her and light her path.


Mellie completed her 200-hour yoga teaching certification under John Salisbury through Modern Yoga in Scottsdale, AZ. She continuously attends workshops and studies yoga scripture to expand her knowledge as a student and teacher. 

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