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I'm Karla, and I am an Arizona native who loves the outdoors, sunny days, and mimosas with friends and family. I started my yoga journey in 2007 when I was introduced to Bikram Yoga. I absolutely fell in love with yoga at that time. Yoga helped bring balance and restoration to my body and busy life. 


I have moved many places with my family, from Texas, to the East coast of Maryland, Colorado, Florida, and back to Arizona, and each time, have looked to expand my yoga practice. In 2020 I decided I wanted to enrich my yoga practice and share with others this love of yoga so I became RYT-500 certified.


My intent is always discovering my true self and living more authentically, and guide others to do the same. 

I believe that yoga is for EVERY BODY.  Despite your age, gender, size, or fitness level, you can benefit from yoga.

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