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My health journey began with a focus on weight loss and over 20 years and 60 lbs lost later it became a total life transformation journey.  A love of teaching grew through time spent working as an instructional aide for Microbiology and Biochemistry labs while earning a B.S. in Human Nutrition from ASU.  After completing my degree, I turned focus back toward health and in 2015 I discovered yoga. It was love at first flow! In pursuit of that love in 2020 I earned my RYS 200 and in 2024 I will graduate with my 500 Hour Registered Yoga Teaching Certificate (through Authentic Yoga Teacher Training).

My passion to teach is rooted in a deep desire to serve and share the gathered knowledge I possess with as many people as possible. I strive to empower others to heal themselves, connect mind to body, discover ways to quiet their minds and most importantly, to uncover the brave and open heart of a yogi.

In addition to teaching yoga I am a nutritionist, a business analyst and I enjoy cooking, gardening, family time, continuing my education, and above all else incorporating the path of 8 limbs into my life.  I have a special passion for Ashtanga and I practice yoga every day.

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