I love the healing aspect of yoga the most. The unifying of body, mind & spirit. For me, all of the other benefits are an added bonus. That is always the reason I hit my mat. Always! I had no idea when I first started yoga how powerful this practice is!!


There is so much power in the mind body connection when coupled with the breath!! Every time I come to my mat I remember who I really am and am mindful of who I want to to be when I step off of it and go back into the world. It is inspiring. It is enlightening. It is peaceful! This practice has changed me, and therefore changed my world; because I see it differently, I feel it differently, and I live in it differently! And because of that, I want to share this practice and what it has taught me with everyone!!!!


I got my 200 RYT in 2017. I am a mother of 4, wife of 18 yrs- my husband is the yin to my yang! ...I am Reiki certified, a life-long learner, Cancer survivor, and lover of the human family.